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Everything to Know About Wheel Alignment

How a Wheel Alignment is Performed When it comes to protecting your car, your tires, and the passengers inside, professional wheel alignment is critical regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. However, although the name appears to be self-explanatory, a wheel alignment is something that many automobile owners have little knowledge of. Below, we […]

How To Improve Your Car’s Stopping Performance

Why You Should Inspect Your Car’s Brakes The braking system in your car is undoubtedly its most critical safety component, and poor performance is inconvenient and dangerous. Regular maintenance not only keeps your brakes in good operating order, but it also extends their life. Whether your brakes feel soft, make unusual noises, or are simply […]

Three Benefits of Changing Your Oil

Why Your Car Needs an Oil Change Oil changes are one of the most critical maintenance components that any vehicle requires to run smoothly. However, because oil changes are relatively quick and are rarely needed for several months at a time, depending on your driving habits, some drivers may postpone or overlook this maintenance task. […]

What Causes Uneven Tire Wear?

How to Understand Tire Wear One of the most common reasons people end up stuck on the side of the road waiting for emergency roadside assistance is something that happened to their tires. Whether you had a nail in your tire or experienced a tire blowout, both scenarios can be stressful and sometimes frightening. Despite […]

Auto Repair Cost Tips

Paying for Auto Repairs Perhaps you’re worried because your vehicle is broken and you’re broke, or maybe you’re weighing the costs versus the benefits of auto repair. If so, your best value is Mecklenburg Automotive & Collision Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our experienced, ASE certified technicians will tell you honestly what problems are safety […]

Wheel (Alignment) of Fortune

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Wheel Alignment Playing along with TV game shows like Wheel of Fortune from the comfort of your easy chair is great fun, but the fun ends when there’s a problem with your vehicle. Poor wheel alignment is no game. In fact, if left unaddressed, it can be a big problem […]

Stretch Your Budget, NOT Your Stopping Distance

Brake Repair: Signs Your Brakes Need Attention While there are many ways to save money and stretch a budget, the stopping ability of your car is nothing to play with. If you delay getting service or repair when your brakes need attention, you may be lengthening the stopping distance required to stop your vehicle, creating […]

It’s An Oil Change. It Can Wait. Right?

Oil Change Basics: Reasons Why Oil Changes are Important In a time when everyone seems to be busy and most families have to be mindful of their budgets, it may be tempting to delay or skip routine oil changes for your vehicle. It’s just an oil change, not a major repair. Right? It can wait […]