How To Improve Your Car’s Stopping Performance

How To Improve Your Car’s Stopping Performance

Why You Should Inspect Your Car’s Brakes

The braking system in your car is undoubtedly its most critical safety component, and poor performance is inconvenient and dangerous. Regular maintenance not only keeps your brakes in good operating order, but it also extends their life.

Whether your brakes feel soft, make unusual noises, or are simply not performing as well as they once did, there are several basic and inexpensive things you can do to improve their effectiveness. If you’re looking for an automotive maintenance center that you can trust with your car’s brakes, stop by and see us at Mecklenburg Automotive & Collision Center today to learn more about how our brake repair services can assist you.

Continue reading below to learn a few quick things you can do to improve your brake’s stopping power and prevent paying for expensive brake repair.

How to Improve Your Brake System

Change Brake Fluid

Engine oil gets the most attention when it comes to automotive fluids, but your vehicle’s brakes also require a clean, fresh supply of fluid to function correctly. Over time, brake fluid degrades, wears out, and becomes less effective. Don’t underestimate the difference a new supply of brake fluid can have in your vehicle’s braking performance and consistency, especially if the current fluid is old and worn out.

Replace Brake Pads and Rotors

Behind each of your vehicle’s wheels are brake pads and brake rotors. These components work together to provide tremendous quantities of friction to stop your car whenever you push down on the brakes. Like tires, brake pads and rotors wear out a little each time you use them until they need to be replaced. In most instances, a new set of brake pads and rotors will fully restore your vehicle’s braking performance to factory specifications.

Have It Inspected

From loud noises such as scraping or screaming to soft brake pedals and dashboard warning lights, your braking system has many ways of alerting you that it needs to be serviced. However, each component in your vehicle’s braking system wears out slightly with each use, often requiring a professional inspection to determine which part is causing trouble. Periodic inspection of your brake system components is critical for maximum performance and safety and can go a long way toward ensuring years of trouble-free driving.

Contact Us for Your Next Brake Repair

Do you need professional brake repair or want an experienced mechanic to inspect your vehicle for any potential problems? At Mecklenburg Automotive & Collision Center, we provide a wide range of brake repair services, and our team of ASE-certified technicians has everything needed to ensure that you have the utmost confidence in your car’s stopping power.

If you need professional brake repair in Charlotte, North Carolina, allow us to assist you in improving the braking performance of your car, truck, or SUV today.

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