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Mecklenburg Automotive & Collision Repair thanks all drivers who have taken a step to decrease our carbon footprint. The least we can do is offer you our premium services for your hybrid vehicle. Since there are a limited number of hybrid vehicles on the road, there are a limited number of Charlotte hybrid repair shops that have experience with the maintenance and repair of hybrid vehicles. Hybrid owners shelled out a few extra bucks for the many advantages of driving a hybrid. One of those perks is that the wear and tear on a hybrid vehicle’s engine is lower than with your standard gasoline-fueled engine. However, there is a first time for everything, and hybrid drivers will eventually need to bring their vehicle to someone for service other than routine maintenance. Avoiding the dealer’s repair shop prices should always a goal. The cost of servicing your hybrid at a dealership will always be more than you want to pay. Mecklenburg Automotive & Collision Center is here to increase your limited options.

Quality Hybrid Technology

The older hybrid vehicles on the road are approximately ten years old now, and many of them no longer have a manufacturer’s warranty. After your hybrid’s warranty has expired, your vehicle will still need attention. While the engine may not run into problems as frequently as gasoline-fueled cars, you will need routine maintenance with an affordable technician. Our familiarity with hybrid vehicles is a relief for many drivers. After bringing your hybrid to a non-specialized repair shop, you’ll find out that your vehicle is better served by a mechanic with hybrid experience. The battery pack is where most hybrids run into trouble, especially after the factory warranty has expired. Replacing the battery can be a very expensive service for your hybrid. We know how to take care of all maintenance and repair needs for all hybrid vehicles, and we’re a great alternative to local Charlotte hybrid repair dealerships.