Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Charlotte, NC

Shaky Steering Wheel? Get Alignment Today!

Does your car seem to have a mind of its own lately? Is it trying to pull you in one direction while you're steering in another? If so, you might need a wheel alignment. If the angles of the wheels aren't just right, you may experience pulling, a shaky steering wheel, and squealing tires. Your best bet is to have your car, truck, or SUV looked at as soon as possible so your tires don't sustain too much wear. Worn tires cause hazardous situations. If you're concerned about your safety and the safety of others, schedule an appointment to have your wheels inspected and aligned if necessary. Call Mecklenburg Automotive & Collision Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, at (704) 392-1253 and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will get you in with one of our ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified technicians. With their experience and expertise, they'll get your vehicle, no matter which make or model, "straightened out.”

Properly Aligned

A proper wheel alignment doesn’t really set your tires straight. There actually three main angles being measured and adjusted. When accurately oriented, the wheels on your car will maintain desirable contact with the road.

The camber angle characterizes how far the wheels slant away from a vertical position. Picture yourself standing straight up, then leaning a little to one side or the other, and there you have it!

The caster angle defines the forward or backward tilt position. Now imagine standing straight and leaning a bit forward or backward. It’s sort of like that.

The toe angle is the position of the wheels as they turn inward or outward. This one is easier to understand by actually looking at your feet. If you keep your heels and touch your toes together, you’ll get an idea of a positive toe. If you move your toes away from each other, you’ll grasp the concept of negative toe.

Who would have thought the human body could be used to demonstrate car parts and functions? Well, that certainly is a loose explanation, but when you bring your vehicle to Mecklenburg Automotive and Collision Center, we’ll explain all of this to you more clearly so you’ll have a complete understanding of properly aligned wheels.

Two Types of Wheel Alignments

We perform 2-wheel and 4-wheel alignments. A 2-wheel, or front end, alignment is performed only on the two front wheels. And surely no surprise to you, a 4-wheel alignment is an adjustment of all four tires. All wheel drive vehicles typically need a 4-wheel alignment. In either case, special equipment and sophisticated technology will be used to adjust the angles based on specific manufacturer guidelines. If you’re looking to have those slants, tilts, and turns of your vehicle perfected, schedule service at the most reliable auto shop in Mecklenburg County. We are conveniently located at 3227 Wilkinson Boulevard.