Everything to Know About Wheel Alignment

Everything to Know About Wheel Alignment

How a Wheel Alignment is Performed

When it comes to protecting your car, your tires, and the passengers inside, professional wheel alignment is critical regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. However, although the name appears to be self-explanatory, a wheel alignment is something that many automobile owners have little knowledge of.

Below, we will walk you through the three different types of alignment services and why each one is vital for your vehicle’s performance. Keep reading below to learn more, and be sure to contact Mecklenburg Automotive & Collision Center today if you suspect a problem with the alignment of your car, truck, or SUV.

Three Types of Alignment Services

Four-Wheel Alignment

A four-wheel alignment involves aligning all four wheels on both axles so that they are parallel to each other, the ground, and the car’s thrust angle. A four-wheel alignment returns all four corners of your vehicle to its original factory setting. The most comprehensive alignment service provides the best overall handling and minimal tire wear for the car.

Front-End Alignment

During a front-end alignment, the two front wheels are aligned straight toward the vehicle’s geometric center, while the rear wheels and thrust direction remain unchanged. Front-end alignments are the most basic type of alignment but might be all you need depending on the type of car you own and your driving habits.

Thrust Alignment

The thrust angle is a perpendicular line drawn along the vehicle’s centerline from the centerline of the rear axle and is used to assess whether the rear axle and the front axle are aligned with the vehicle’s center. To guarantee that all four wheels are squared with one another, a thrust alignment ensures that the front wheels of your car are aligned to the rear axle. For automobiles with a solid rear axle, this type of alignment is typically suggested.

Have Your Car’s Alignment Inspected Today

From potholes to everyday wear and tear, a vehicle’s alignment can be thrown off for various reasons. When a car is out of alignment, the car and steering equipment is put under additional strain, making it critical to have your vehicle inspected by a professional if you think the alignment is off.

When it’s time for your car’s next wheel alignment, schedule a service appointment with Mecklenburg Automotive & Collision Center today, conveniently located in Charlotte, North Carolina, for outstanding service at an affordable price. Our team of ASE-certified technicians knows all the ins and outs of your car’s alignment, and we’re more than happy to talk with you about your options and give you advice on which sort of alignment is best for your car, truck, or SUV.

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