Auto Repair Cost Tips

Auto Repair Cost Tips

Paying for Auto Repairs

Perhaps you’re worried because your vehicle is broken and you’re broke, or maybe you’re weighing the costs versus the benefits of auto repair. If so, your best value is Mecklenburg Automotive & Collision Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our experienced, ASE certified technicians will tell you honestly what problems are safety issues, which must be repaired soon to prevent further damage, and which items can wait a little longer. Also, we can help you save money over time through routine preventive maintenance services which will help prevent more costly breakdowns. Finally, keep our website checked for current specials. You’ll always find coupons to help you out with the cost of service and repairs. (Navigate to “About,” then “Specials.”)

Thinking Through The Costs and Payments for Repairs

The conversation surrounding the expense of auto repairs is actually two-fold. First, consider the cost of work left undone. If your vehicle is inoperable, the lack of transportation could prevent you from reaching your job or completing assignments as a business owner or contractor. Thus, car breakdown could lead to immediate loss of your paycheck. Similarly, preventive maintenance services actually turn out to be a solid value over time. Oil and filter changes, wheel alignments, brake checks, etc. help you head off problems that will be much more expensive to repair later as well as keep your car healthy so that it lasts a long time. Second, think about possible options for saving on and paying for auto repair. As mentioned, take advantage of specials when you can. Another strategy is to prioritize repairs when possible. You should always opt for safety repairs and never drive a dangerous car. Some fixes, however, can wait. Others are wants and not needs. For example, a cracked master cylinder that reduces or eliminates your braking ability cannot wait. A sound system that isn’t changing your CD’s properly can. If you’re short on cash, you can consider using a credit card, particularly if you have a card with 0% interest for a few months or one with a low rate. A rewards program may actually generate enough cash back from your repair charges to help you pay for less expensive maintenance services. Short term loans may help, as well, particularly if you can find a reasonable interest rate. (Beware of unfair loan practices!) There are some reputable companies that specialize in assisting consumers with auto repairs.

Help for Your Wallet and Your Car

Ditching transportation is not feasible for most families, but we do understand the need to be cost conscious. Mecklenburg Automotive & Collision Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, is here to provide help for both your wallet and your car. Through specials, prioritization assistance, and preventive services, our shop can help you navigate the costs of car repair. But just because we’re thrifty doesn’t mean we’re cheap. You’ll find our services thorough, our staff exceptional, and our repairs accurate.

Written by Mecklenburg Automotive & Collision